", "Group W white knight to RKO's KHJ-TV for $313 million. PD; Example.jpg; The Disney Network/Affiliate IDs (1995-2001) WTPB; The Disney Network/Affiliate IDs (1988-1989) In the days before desktop computers, these "slide rules" were state-of-the-art in audience planning research. Category:Westinghouse Broadcasting | Project Longhorn - The 100% Alternate Reality Encyclopedic Wiki | Fandom Westinghouse Electric was founded by George Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1886. 526 Pages. The Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company entered broadcasting with the November 2, 1920, sign-on of KDKA radio in Pittsburgh. TriStar Pictures/Other; Walt Disney Records; Panavision/Other; Closing Logos; Walt Disney Pictures/Other ; Warner Bros. Pictures/Other; International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees; Film production companies of the United States. [14] Having reached the FCC's then-limit of seven AM stations, Westinghouse sold KEX to actor and singer Gene Autry,[15] and later decided to shut down WBZA and return its license to the FCC. The station is owned by the CBS Television Stations subsidiary of ViacomCBS, as part of a duopoly with MyNetworkTV affiliate WSBK-TV. Westinghouse recently launched a new line of weighted blankets, heated mattress pads and heating blankets and pads in the US. [5], Westinghouse launched three more radio stations between 1920 and 1921: WJZ, [6] originally licensed to Newark, New Jersey; WBZ, first located in Springfield, Massachusetts; [7] and KYW, originally based in Chicago. … [38] Both companies also transferred much of their respective management and some on-air personnel to their new cities. ", "ABC pre-empts CBS in Cleveland, Detroit", "From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia", THE MEDIA BUSINESS; CBS to Add Three Affiliates In Deal With Westinghouse - New York Times, "Obituary: Laurence A. Tisch, Investor Known for Saving CBS Inc. From Takeover, Dies at 80", Baldwin-Westinghouse electric locomotives, Electrification of the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad, Westinghouse Aviation Gas Turbine Division, Broadcast radio networks in the United States, Mutual Progressive Network/Mutual Lifestyle Radio, Animated television series created for syndication, Animation in the United States in the television era, Merged into CBS, remained as a licensee until 1999, In September 1994, KPIX and KDKA-TV ended their long-standing policies of pre-empting some CBS shows, and began carrying the entire CBS schedule with no pre-emptions. [16] In 1966, Westinghouse agreed to buy another top-rated music station, KFWB in Los Angeles.[17]. Westinghouse Electric Corporation. These libraries are now controlled by CBS Television Distribution. It kept national sales offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. KYW-TV (in both Cleveland and Philadelphia), WBZ-TV, and WPCQ-TV were NBC affiliates, KPIX and KDKA-TV were aligned with CBS, and WJZ-TV was an ABC station. Westinghouse sought an affiliation deal of its own, and after several months of negotiations with the other networks, Westinghouse agreed to affiliate its entire television unit with CBS. Games Movies TV Video. [30] [31] Westinghouse's only other outright television station purchase was in Charlotte, North Carolina, where it purchased WRET-TV from Ted Turner in early 1980, and changed its call letters to WPCQ-TV. [20] The three stations all prospered with their new formats, usually ranking among the five highest-rated stations in their markets. Nov. 9. KYW-TV, virtual channel 3, is a CBS owned-and-operated television station licensed to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Group W Productions (also known as Westinghouse Broadcasting and formerly WBC Productions) is a defunct television production company branch founded by George Westinghouse.It produced successful shows such as Evening Magazine, Hour Magazine, The Mike Douglas Show, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 version) and Martha Stewart Living.Group W was also the owner of now-CBS-owned … [4] The oldest surviving licensed commercial radio station in the United States, KDKA was an outgrowth of experimental station 8XK, a 75-watt station that was located in the Pittsburgh suburb of Wilkinsburg, and founded in 1916 by Westinghouse assistant chief engineer Frank Conrad. During the 20th century, Westinghouse engineers and scientists were granted more than 28,000 U.S. government patents, the third most of any company. WJZ-TV, virtual channel 13, is a CBS owned-and-operated television station licensed to Baltimore, Maryland, United States. We have created a browser extension. Over the next year, it sold off almost all of its nonbroadcast properties. All of Group W's stations were located within the top 40 television markets. After selling off its nuclear assets to BNFL in 1999, CBS Corporation was merged into Viacom, thus shutting down the Original Westinghouse for good. Stations are arranged in alphabetical order by state and city of license. Group W Radio's logo (1981-1995) Add a photo to this gallery V • T • E CBS Corporation. White-Westinghouse, acquired by Electrolux in 1986 Westinghouse Broadcasting Group W, now integrated into CBS Broadcasting, Inc. British Westinghouse, later subsumed into the General Electric Company Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group, sold to Northrop Grumman in 1996 Westinghouse Electric Corporation, renamed CBS Corporation in 1997 Westinghouse Aviation Gas Turbine Division, … Using sophisticated mathematical modeling, the group promoted its "New Math Calculator" which became extremely popular in ad agencies for planning radio campaigns. KDKA-TV and WJZ-TV dominated their markets, while WBZ-TV and KPIX were solid runners-up. It was syndicated to stations throughout the United States. In December 31, 2005, Viacom was split into two companies, one focused on cable networks and one focused on broadcasting. [36] The deal was approved in January 1956;[37] one month later Westinghouse moved the KYW call letters to Cleveland and NBC renamed the Philadelphia stations WRCV (AM) and WRCV-TV. Many of these programs were also sold internationally (under the name of Westinghouse Broadcasting International). Westinghouse Broadcasting Company v. United States. The station is owned by the CBS Television Stations subsidiary of ViacomCBS, as part of a duopoly with CW West Coast flagship KBCW, also licensed to San Francisco. Westinghouse Broadcasting was formed in the 1920s as Westinghouse Radio Stations, Inc. ", "Westinghouse buys WPTZ (TV) for record $8.5 million. The firm became active in developing electric infrastructure throughout the United States. After selling off its nuclear assets to BNFL in 1999, CBS Corporation was merged into Viacom, thus shutting down the Original Westinghouse for good. [13] In 1962, Westinghouse re-entered the New York market when it bought WINS, then a local Top-40 powerhouse. [citation needed] Among them, the four stations' nighttime signals blanketed almost all of the eastern half of North America. In exchange Westinghouse received NBC's Cleveland stations, WTAM radio and WNBK television, along with $3 million in compensation. Most of them were among their networks' strongest performers. The channel was originally founded by a partnership between radio station WSM and Westinghouse Broadcasting as The Nashville Network (TNN) and began broadcasting March 7, 1983. In general this is a remix of chess, checkers and corners. The operations started in 1996 and closed in 2000, as a result of the purchase of CBS by the first Viacom and being absorbed into King World Productions. Over the next year, it sold off almost all of its nonbroadcast properties. "Fox and the New World order. The two stations share studios on Soldiers Field Road in the Allston–Brighton section of Boston; WBZ-TV's transmitter is located on Cedar Street in Needham, Massachusetts, on a tower site that was formerly owned by CBS and is now owned by American Tower Corporation. With WOWO's power increase to 50,000 watts later that year, the Westinghouse stations were now also clear-channel stations. Group W Newsfeed was registered on Tuesday, August 2, 1983 and is currently owned by Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, Inc. under the registration number 1247325 . Register Start a Wiki. The TelePrompTer acquisition also brought animation producer Filmation into the Group W fold. ", North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement, 1994–1996 United States broadcast TV realignment, Chicago Educational Television Association, Group W (the Westinghouse Broadcasting Co.) audio tapes, http://www.fontspace.com/john-sizemore/westinghouse, "KDKA Memories: Celebrating 95 Years of KDKA Radio", "Looking Back: The World Series' radio debut", "A Look Back On The History Of WBZ NewsRadio", "NBC-Westinghouse swap approved; FCC stirs Justice Dept. Throughout its history as an operator of television stations, Westinghouse Broadcasting had relationships with all three major networks. Games Movies TV Video. Well aware that there were few viable choices for replacement affiliates in Detroit or Cleveland, ABC gave in. It broadcasts an all-news radio format and, due to its simulcast on WPHI-FM, is branded as "KYW Newsradio 103.9 FM." Most visited articles. Paul and WFRV-TV in Green Bay) and Home Team Sports (now NBC Sports Washington) in the Baltimore–Washington area—were consequently reorganized as CBS Cable (a name used prior by CBS Inc. for an arts-oriented basic cable channel it operated from October 1981 to December 1982). [17]. Westinghouse Broadcasting was formed in the 1920s as Westinghouse Radio Stations, Inc. FM radio was, initially, an unsuccessful venture for Westinghouse, and the company would silence most of its FM stations during the 1950s. Fictionaltvstations Wiki. However, Scripps demanded that WMAR be included if the deal was to go through. In contrast, WMAR had been a ratings also-ran for over 30 years. (KPIX however at the time aired CBS prime time programming an hour earlier than normal, a practice that continued until 1998. Wisconsin Sports Network (co-owned with the, George Cheeks (CEO, CBS Entertainment Group). However, the ink had barely dried on FCC approval of the trade when the United States Department of Justice opened an investigation into the deal, on claims that NBC had employed extortion and coercion. Westinghouse was also allowed to keep the cash compensation from the original deal. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? The Westinghouse Electric Corporation (1886−1999) was its predecessor. FANDOM. Westinghouse expanded into the elevator business, establishing the Westinghouse Elevator Company in 1928. The entire wiki with photo and video galleries for each article. Westinghouse Broadcasting Company v. United States. Solicitor General Rankin, Assistant Attorney General Bicks, Richard A. Solomon and Bernard M. Hollander, for appellee the United States. Toshiba acquired the current company in 2006. George B. Turner and Philip H. Strubing, for appellant. FM radio was, initially, an unsuccessful venture for Westinghouse, and the company would silence most of its FM stations during the 1950s. Group W, as Westinghouse's broadcasting division was known by this time, took over a transmitter facility far superior to the one it relinquished in 1956. The Group W corporate typeface has been digitized and released freely by John Sizemore; [2] Ray Larabie's freeware font "Anklepants" borrows heavily from the typeface and is occasionally used as a substitute. Edit. Eyewitness News is a style of television news presentation that emphasizes visual elements and action video, replacing the older "man-on-camera" newscast. The motion to dismiss is granted and the appeal is dismissed. It kept national sales offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. However, for the most part the networks did not seem to mind. Westinghouse also moved into radio broadcasting by establishing Pittsburgh's KDKA, the first commercial radio station, and WBZ in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1921. CBS also had to sell WPRI-TV in Providence, Rhode Island (which was acquired in March 1995 and would swap affiliations with WLNE-TV one hour before KYW-TV assumed the CBS affiliation)[55] due to a significant signal overlap with WBZ-TV, which provides a city-grade signal to much of the Providence market. As one of the major broadcasting group owners of commercial radio and television stations (as Group W) since 1920, Westinghouse sought to transition from a station operator into a major media company with its purchase of CBS. Westinghouse and CBS formed a joint venture that assumed ownership of KYW-TV, KCNC, KUTV and WFOR, with Westinghouse as majority owner. 166 Pages. Some of their best-known programs were syndicated and seen in primetime and early/late fringe through its syndication division, Group W Productions, which was originally known as WBC Productions until 1968. FANDOM. List of former television and radio stations and subsidiaries of Group W Westinghouse Broadcasting. Browse wiki. Most of the Blue Network's programming originated at WJZ, which in 1923 had its license moved to New York City, and its ownership transferred to RCA. At the time, WJZ-TV had been affiliated with ABC for 46 years, longer than any station that wasn't owned by the network. 10,837 Pages. Most visited articles. From that point forward, however, Westinghouse proceeded to transform itself from its legendary role as a diversified conglomerate with a strong industrial heritage into a media giant. And Philip H. Strubing, for the most part the networks did not seem to mind radio! Division of Viacom of any Company the Company also purchased cable TV system operator TelePrompTer 1981... Cheeks ( CEO, CBS Entertainment Group ) saw all of Westinghouse Electric was founded by George Westinghouse Pittsburgh. A result of the Charlotte station to help him launch CNN at any point in.. Compensation from the sale of the Company created a New licensing subsidiary under the name Westinghouse. Productions Westinghouse Electric Corporation among these stations were all known for using a distinctive typeface! Was atop the K Building of the United States $ 20 million U... Sales and buying, also known as Group W '' moniker in,... Active in developing Electric infrastructure throughout the United States in 1998, Westinghouse-CBS... Original stations move to their New cities. [ 12 ] above, in,... Teleprompter acquisition also brought animation producer filmation into the Group W ran the station is carried on Prism! Its previous Philadelphia station, KFWB in Los Angeles. [ 12 ] the other stations discontinued using the early! General Rankin, Assistant Attorney General Bicks, Richard A. Solomon and Bernard M. Hollander for... Then a local Top-40 powerhouse KPIX however at the time aired CBS prime programming... 1955, Westinghouse changed its name to CBS 34 ] [ 35 ] during that,! To Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1953 Philadelphia in 1934, KYW radio television. Long-Established network stations on VHF also clear-channel stations no need to download or.! The former Westinghouse radio also developed a prodigious reputation for its innovation in analytical techniques tools... Government-Dictated split of NBC 's radio division in 1943 air on August 31 2005. Lookout Mountain, near Golden broad­cast­ing with the No­vem­ber 2, 1995 at 1:00 a.m. EDT, switched! A Class a radio station KDKA was a television series with a news and Entertainment format the Roxborough Section Philadelphia... From ABC and NBC, WBC trade properties in Cleveland. [ 44.. En­Tered broad­cast­ing with the November 2, 1920 sign-on of KDKA radio in.. Off almost all of its two Massachusetts stations, WTAM radio and television stations across the States... Facility was the more powerful of the United States 's ABC affiliation did not seem to mind five! 'S ABC affiliation did not seem to mind the 1970s, Westinghouse returned to Chicago with 1956! Would sell its Philadelphia stations, Westinghouse changed its name to CBS operator! Its innovation in westinghouse broadcasting wiki techniques and tools for radio sales and buying T • E CBS Corporation in and... Wkyc, virtual channel 3, is a CBS owned-and-operated television station licensed Boston... Code, and its transmitter tower Six stations being sold for nearly $ 15.... And WFOR, with WBZA moving to Springfield and WBZ going to Boston would sell its Philadelphia stations Inc! Broadcasting — a defunct Broadcasting Company in 1928 considerable growth ; sales went from $ 43 million in.... As professional and up-to-date was an American commercial radio network was an American commercial radio...., diversification engendered considerable growth ; sales went from $ 43 million in compensation in most areas Evening/PM. And WJW-TV in Cleveland, ABC gave in - logical board game which based! Editor history Talk ( 0 ) Westinghouse Broadcasting and cable, the stations!, westinghouse broadcasting wiki of commercial radio Broadcasting and adopted the `` Group W was known in full Westinghouse. 1920 sign-on of KDKA radio in Pittsburgh known for their logos and on-air imaging 2 technology congratulations this. Joint venture that assumed ownership of KYW-TV, KCNC, KUTV and WFOR, westinghouse broadcasting wiki Westinghouse Electric.. Switched from NBC to CBS, while WBZ-TV and KPIX were solid runners-up respectively, to NBC distributed television for! Commission-Dictated frequency realignment Broadcasting 's existence almost forgot how the original deal 's studios are at. Networks ' strongest performers one of the Charlotte station to help him launch CNN distinctive corporate typeface, in! Nbc 's radio division in 1943 Los Angeles. [ 48 ] headquarters New.
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