Another very frequently encountered Excel Pivot Table problem is when your Excel Pivot Table not showing data. For OLAP data sources, the value is always False. I am having an issue with the slicers showing greyed out buttons. True if all items in the PivotTable report are displayed, even if they don't contain summary data. Remarks . Through this post, I will help you all to fix Excel pivot table problems. I will try my best to resolve them for you. Thanks! If the field and item arguments describe a single cell, then the value of that cell is returned regardless of whether it is a string, number, error, or blank cell. Here are the steps to build the desired PivotTable report: 1. Pivot table months with no data By default, a pivot table shows only data items that have data. So I’ve come up with another way to get rid of those blank values in my tables. Supposing, I have the following data source, and now, I change the Coconut to Apple, and refresh the pivot table, but, the old Coconut item still appear in the filter drop down list, see screenshot: To clear the old items from the filter drop down in the pivot table, you should do as follows: 1. In Excel 2007 and later version, when you make a two pivot table from the same data source. To include or exclude new items when applying a filter in which you have selected specific items in the Filter menu, select or clear the Include new items in manual filter check box. When a text field is added as a Value field, Excel will display a count automatically. Problem 2# Refreshing A Pivot Messes Up Column Widths, Problem 3# Excel Pivot Table Sum Value Not Working, Problem 4# Pivot Table Grouping Affects Another Pivot Table. If not then let me clear this to you first….! The solution. In this example, we have selected cell A1 on Sheet2. To show a unique or distinct count in a pivot table, you must add data to the object model when the pivot table is created. I have tried doing "Right click on Pivot > Display > Uncheck "Show items with no data on rows" or "Show items with no data on columns" (For excel 16)" I can see that the boxes are unchecked and grayed out. Suppose you have a cell that is formatted like a text within the values column. With this software you can rebuild corrupt Excel files and restore every single visual representation & dataset to its original, intact state in 3 easy steps: The second most complaining Excel pivot table problem is that after refreshing the pivot table complete column width of the table gets messed up. Are you using a data model? I'm not sure, but the option "Show Items with No Data on Rows and Columns" does sound like "not very useful with Power Pivot". Please test it, it … Here you will see an item that says “Retain items deleted from the data source” with a combobox for you to set the number of items to retain per field: For keeping the layout consistent, it’s compulsory to show all items in each section. The checkbox is grayed out for "Show items with no data on rows" and "Show items with no data on columns" in the PivotTable Options. Make the following change for each field in which you want to see all the data: Double-click the field button, to open the PivotTable field dialog box. Following the above step will create a separate pivot cache for the 2nd pivot table. I asked the report to show items with no data for the month field so I have 72 columns (each of the 36 items shows up twice to show this months sales and last months sales). You have to perform these changes in all the fields in which you want to display all your data. So, let’s catch detail on each pivot table problem and know how to fix it. Refresh the pivot table, to update it with the new data ; Right-click a cell in the Product field, and click Field Settings. When I created a new PIVOT with the same range data was visible. Steps Create a pivot table Add Region field to Rows area Add Color field to Columns area Insert, Pivot Table. Choose "Add This Data to the Data Model" while creating the pivot table. expression A variable that represents a PivotField object. Steps to Show the Bottom 10 Results in a Pivot Table. Fields The source data... By default, a Pivot Table will count all records in a data set. So lets start with few words on data restructuring.. We have several tools and features available in Excel to process data in many different ways possible. So now you can independently group each of your pivot tables. Margret Arthur is an entrepreneur & content marketing expert. Excel for Microsoft 365 Excel 2019 Excel 2016 Excel 2013 Excel 2010 Excel 2007 More... Less . Using the filter (only 30-40 values) I saw empty values. Using the filter (only 30-40 values) I saw empty values. Check the 'Show items with no data' check box. I'm not sure, but the option "Show Items with No Data on Rows and Columns" does sound like "not very useful with Power Pivot". We create short videos, and clear examples of formulas, functions, pivot tables, conditional formatting, and charts. If the pivot_table argument is a range that includes two or more PivotTables, data will be retrieved from whichever PivotTable was created most recently. I ran into a small problem on my pivot table On the Column Labels I've used the column 'Courses' from my table. On the column label 'Courses' I ticked the setting "Show items with no data". Jan 25, 2018 #1 Hi Everyone! DOWNLOAD EXCEL WORKBOOK. Hi - I'm Dave Bruns, and I run Exceljet with my wife, Lisa. STEP 1: Click in the Pivot Table and choose PivotTable Tools > Options (Excel 2010) or Design (Excel 2013 & 2016) > Report Layouts > Show in Outline/Tabular Form STEP 2: Now to fill in the empty cells in the Row Labels you need to select PivotTable Tools > Options (Excel 2010) or Design (Excel 2013 & 2016) > Report Layouts > Repeat All Item Labels In the value columns of your data set, there are some “text” cells. For example, if you have a PivotTable of expense figures for each of your regional offices, you can use a data consolidation to roll up these figures into a corporate expense report. Pivot Table Date "Show items with no data" does not respect grouped date range. Excel for Office 365 or Excel 2013 and later versions will have timelines for pivot tables. Solution: Show All Pivot Field Data. Any help would be appreciated. With a small investment, Pivot Tables will pay you back again and again. Steps to Change the Data Source of a Pivot Table. I have also gone to each of the fields and under field settings have I went to "Layout & Print" and ensure that the box labeled "Show Items with No Data" is unchecked. I use Excel 2010 and the free Power Pivot add-in, so it’s not as intuitive as Excel 2013. Excel for Microsoft 365 Excel for the web Excel 2019 Excel 2016 Excel 2013 Excel 2010 Excel 2007 More... Less. This is set in the ‘Load To’ dialog when you open a new Workbook and choose ‘New Query’ to import data from a file or database. A problem I ran into when creating a new query in my freshly installed Microsoft Excel 2016 was that I could not import data to the Data Model. On the column label 'Courses' I ticked the setting "Show items with no data". To do this we need to go into the PivotTable Options and look at the Data tab. Core Pivot is a step-by-step Excel video course that will teach you everything you need to know to use this powerful tool. In the Values area, the Color field has been renamed "Count" and set to summarize by count: The Date field is grouped by Months only: To force display of months with no data, the Date field has "Show items with no data" enabled: Date filter is set to display only desired months: To force the pivot table to display zero when items have no data, a zero is entered in general pivot table options: If you use Excel, but don't know how to use Pivot Tables, you're missing out...wasting time trying to do things that a Pivot Table can do for you automatically. Clear old items in pivot table. From now onward you don’t have to suffer from these annoying Excel pivot table problems. Enable "show items with no data" Enable "show items with no data" Add Sales field to Values area After the opening of the Field Settings dialog box, you have to hit the Layout & Print tab. Check the 'Show items with no data' check box. SNAG-0368.jpg What is causing this option to be greyed? I have made a list of top pivot table problems in Excel. I am using Excel 2011 for Mac and cannot find the “Show items with no data” option in the individual fields but only at the PivotTable Options dialog and still, it appears as grayed (disabled) and not sure how to use it. In my pivot table options, I have the following already checked: 1. Applies to: Microsoft ® Excel ® 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365 (Windows) When you create a pivot table in Excel, blank cells may appear if you have blanks in your data source. I can use Excel 2010 or 2016. The hide items with no data is "greyed out". This is to select different 'Depots' But since creating my pivot table I've changed a few names of a couple of courses. When a pivot table is set up to show months, this means that months can "disappear" if the source data does not contain data in that month. That is unless it is explicitly formatted as a ‘List Object’ (such as the built-in ‘Table’ functionality). Read more. Tips: To quickly display or hide the current subtotal, right-click the item of the field, and then select or clear the check box next to Subtotal "